20 September 2010

Nati Frinj Festival

Ive just been setting up a blog to help promote the upcoming 2011 Nati Frinj Festival and thought while I had the embed vid code in my copy buffer I might as well put it up here too.

The show "Space and Place" was performed on the side of the Natimuk silos as part of the 2004 Nati Frinj Festival. Y-space did the aerial performance and Transience (mostly me) did the animation. I know these days every other building you see has got some sort video installation taking place on the side of it but back in 2004 when we did this I think it was at least vaguely innovative. Also I think the combination of aerial performance and video projection is a niche that still has a lot of potential. We are hoping to develop a new Silos show for the 2011 festival but it is still very much "funding pending" at the moment. Ive got a whole lot of new ideas Im pretty excited about....just need a few dollars to make it all happen.

Also of note...this is the show that inspired the"silo" scene in the Rhyme of The Ancient Merino.

I have been involved in a few other projection type shows as well...I will try and get myself organised to finds some links to a few of these also.


  1. I've never seen anything like it! The part where the swinging dudes start to crack the silos... too cool!

  2. This is fantastic! When is the 2011 festival? Josie

  3. Hey Josie

    The 2011 frinj is at the end of October and hopefully we'll get the funding to do a new silo show. You should get yourself out here. It would be great to see you again.

  4. Anonymous1/8/11

    This would have been incredible on the night. Having missed all the Nati Frinj's so far, its sure in the calendar this year!
    Sharyn (a local)