25 March 2018

Lake Bolac Eel Festival - Part 4

The Birds...
Having left them as metal skeletons a few weeks ago its been great to come back and see them take on a whole new life with a layer of grasses harvested from the lake and woven onto the frames by the students at Lake Bolac College (Under the supervison of the incredibly talented duo of Bronwyn Razem and Katja).
The Emu was finished off by the students prior to the festival whilst the wings of the Brolga were complete during the festival...
...just in time for the Twilight Ceremony on saturday night.
With Festival Director Elyjah McLeod
Thanks Again to Regional Arts Victoria for their support in making this project happen.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival - Part 3

There be Eels

22 March 2018

Lake Bolac Eel Festival - Pt 2

It's Lake Bolac Eelfest eve and the car is brimming with freshly made Eels ready to take down in the morning to install by the lake.

Looing forwar dalso t seeing how the Emu and Brolga are looking now that weavers have had their turnwith them.

03 March 2018

Lake Bolac Eel Festival 2018 - part 1

Have been spending some time down at Lake Bolac working with some of the students there tocreate some metal bird scultptures for the festival this year.  

This is phase one. The next stp is for the weavers to harvest some ative grasses off the lake and weave them onto the birds to create the feathers and wings. Looking forwards to getting back there in a week or so to see how they've evolved.

Thanks to Regional Arts Victoria for supporting this project. Thus far its been a joy.