11 September 2013

The Rhyme of The Ancient Merino

The Rhyme of the Ancient Merino...

...In full...

The Rhyme of the Ancient Merino from dave jones on Vimeo.

The story is based upon the 50 year history of the ACT (Arapiles Community Theatre) and the recent influx of new arrivals and the changes that has brought about. The puppets were constructed life sized from local farm machinery and filmed in-situ where possible the wheat-fields surrounding the town, the local grain silos and the nearby mount Arapiles.

The film was made in memory of Tim Beohm who, amongst many other things, was the president of the ACT for most of its existence.

With its life sized puppets made of old farm machinery sometimes film haing off the side of the nearby Arapiles or the grain silos, bringing this film is probably still the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.

Hats off too to Ian Van Gemeren too for an fantastic score. And everyone else who helped with the animation, there were a lot of long days and late nights that went into this one.