16 August 2010

goats on the silos..at night..in the cold

Another Merino update...just some raw stills at the moment...these shots are going to need a fair bit of post work to remove all the people before they are usable. I carefully took a clean plate of each of these shots but because of the spotlight and shadows cast its not as simple as just "cutting out the people".

We filmed these bits a little while ago at the local grain silo (mostly). Some shots were done with a green screen but, where possible, Ive tried use the actual silos. All had to be done at night...was bitterly cold....and needed lots of helping hands to pull these shots off (thankyou Paul, Doug, Greg, Jac, Kate, Calum, Hannah, Mary, Lynne, Tash).  I really hope I've got everything I need here. I do not want to go through all that again (or put anyone else through it).

For all the potential for stuff to go badly wrong...there weren't that many complete disasters...a couple of expensive bulbs blown. And one puppet dropped from about 10 meters up the silos and smashed to a thousand bits...I'm getting used to completely reassembling them so this was just a one day set back (luckily nobody was underneath it when it happened.)

GrainCorp who own the silos were very generous and very good about letting me access the silos, hang the puppets off them and use their power for the lighting. Thankyou.

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  1. Wow, this is great stuff, thanks for putting it up.