26 April 2010


 Here is a short clip from the film. It's only been roughly composited at the moment... Im hoping to go through and get the whole film done to this level and then come back and do a second pass to clean it all up.  So please try and ignore all the glaring background issues and just be happy that this goat is managing to hoist an actual piano up on his wee tiny thin legs.

If this video embed business isn't working for you ...
Here is the link (http://www.vimeo.com/11223027).

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  1. ric heap14/5/10

    hi dave,

    great stuff.
    been meaning write for ages and decided to look at the site, first time in a while, just as alex is sat in the car waitng for a journey down to don and sheila's. (sheila by the way won four grand on a slot machine the other day! she said she'd gone weak at the knees. first time in a while i guess). anyway we're all fine and dandy. hope you all are too. must go. your work looks brilliant.

    rich heap