10 November 2015

Nyah West : Pt 1

Geting ready for the screening at the Nyah West Silos for the school centenary. Nearly there.

Thanks to al the kids at Nyah west for their excellent drawings...the teachers for being so helpfull while I was there and also to RAV for making all of it possible.


  1. Thanks for producing such an amazing film for us Dave. This was such a spectacular way to celebrate 100 years of education in Nyah West.

    1. Thanks Nat,
      really enjoyed the launch (not so much the wind). Particularly enjoyed how after the screening a handful of local came up and introduced themselves and, even though they hadn't been directly involved in the project, they felt like the film had captured something of the essence of growing up in Nyah West. That's what its all about really.

  2. Anonymous24/11/15

    It was fantastic to see how Dave used the drawings created by the students, add the voices of past students and teachers to produce a film that gives realistic poicture of 100 years of educatiuon in Nyah West. Staff and students enjoyed working with Dave on this special project!