01 November 2011

We dit it We did it we Did it we did It!

....A bit windy mind you, but it was great to finally get it up there after all the work. Apparently there were about 2000 people in the audience. Not a bad turn out for a show that seemed destined not to happen on a ferociously windy night.

A big thanks to everybody involved who worked their guts out to make it happen, especially the puppeteers who were seriously battling the elements on Saturday. Anthony, Jillian, Michelle, Callum, Kate, Gareth, Damo (1 & 2), Kete, Jacq,  Wendy & Scott. You guys are awesome. Also thanks to Helen for coping with the Herculean sewing task and Paul for taking the giant-sized, person-shaped tent and turning into a puppet that did stuff. Sound and light were a big part of the show as well so thanks Stephen for composing the tracks and Outlook for making the show seen and heard.

Thanks also to the funding bodies, Arts Victoria, Festivals Australia and Australia Council We couldn't have done it without you.

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