18 May 2010

let them eat cake

Here's another chunk of animation from the Rhyme Of the Ancient Merino.

Most of this will likely not make it through to the final edit but I thought it made a nice little clip in its own right.

let them eat cake

This was all done with actual cake (not the easiest of stuff to animate with). I managed to score these after the Centenary Ball for the Natimuk town hall and what you see here absolutely pales in comparison to the actual spread. I mananged to get shots of a couple of tables groaning with the good stuff before the hoardes descended upon them.

My daughters were delighted when I turned up with the box full of left over cakes ... and then appalled when I announced I was going to feed them all to the goats. Lucky for them ...and me, there was still plenty of cake left for everyone after the shot.

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  1. Hey, animation and cake! What else could you want? Metal puppet creatures are very interesting!