04 September 2009

Exhibition this Saturday

Finally...Here are a couple of promotional piccies from the film.

Im having an exhibiton of the models from the film at the local gallery (the aptly named "Goat Gallery") The opening is at 6:30 this saturday so if you happen to be in town and have nothing better to do...


  1. good luck and have fun

  2. Thanks Esther, It all went pretty well. Shame you couldn't be there. Ive finally got around to uploading some piccies from the opening. enjoy

  3. Dave, You know me as Chandru arni. Once again I am following you. I am now 83. See my stuff in Youtube with search "chandru Arni"

  4. hi chandru

    I havent heard from you in a while. Looks like yove been keeping yourself busy. I still intend to get back and make some more puzzle games myself at some point ...I just have my hands fairly full with animation at the moment.

  5. the creatures look incredible - no exaggeration at this point. The 'bows' on some letters are really very wide... which might make it a bit hard to 'read' the whole thing for some people - usually one doesn't read by assembling words letter by letter but more in 'pictures'; which in this case are combinations of words to phrases, like "The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner"... please don't get me wrong - I don't want to be a wisecracker; it's all up to your own decision and everything - I just think that this hint might be helpful...


    So all the best !