24 April 2013

Disembodied heads - Feed Development Part 5


The voice of the Feed.

She is Violet's personal Feedtech assistant. Benign at first, then increasingly less so as the story goes on and Violet's situation worsens.

We still haven't decided if shes the manifestation of someone in a remote call center or computer generated entirely.
The mouth responds to an audio Feed, generated by one of the performers on stage with a microphone.
Full control of the head, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, blinking etc, controlling Nina's face was the most complicated of all the tasks as I'd set up.
Sometimes two hands just weren't enough.
TouchOSC is capable I think of sending up to 10 controls simultaneously but my brain starts to melt once I try and think about more than three things at the same time. Ultimately Ill probably set up a bunch of buttons that just trigger pre-composed sequences but for now its all hands on deck.

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