23 March 2017

Balloons Pt 2

Testing the balloons in the water for height size etc.

somehow, after the stillest day ever,  struck by a freak windstorm mid test (hence the wobbliness of some of the balloons).

Still successful test all in all.

Photos by Greg Pritchard

08 March 2017

Red V Blue - Tyrrendarra Style

Took the Unicycle puppets town the coast to the Tyrendarra Show the other weekend (The centenary edition of the Tyrendarra Show no less! Thats pretty impressive).
Thanks to Adam Demmert for the photos (And all the help keeping it running over the course of the day).

And of course the inevitable hip, shoulder and buttock replacement. This is like the smash up derby of puppet shows.

Even Had a bit of time to streamline the set up a bit. Swapping out the ramps for some hyper-active  suspension in the unicycles.

Balloons Pt 1

Getting ready for a project up in Wagga at easter.

Early testing

20 February 2017

Balance Pt5 - 2016 Tour - Video Taster

Finally had a chance to sit down and edit together a clip from the 2016 Balance Tour.

Balance - (Regional Victoria Tour 2016) from dave jones on Vimeo.

Just in the process of dusting it all off again to see if it can be used as a educational tool/toy for kids to work through some ideas about renewable energy managing the supply and demand in a small town over the course of a day. Should be a good experiment.

Thanks again to Regional Arts Victoria for including Balances as part of their touring program and the Australian Children's Theatre Foundation for supporting me to make the show in the first place.

28 November 2016

On the Case - Legs on the wall

 Stumbled upon this earlier today.

MARK MURPHY & LEGS ON THE WALL - ON THE CASE from Mark Murphy on Vimeo.

This was back in 2006 for the commonwealth games in Melbourne but I didn't even know a video of the full show existed. It's been long enough since I last looked at it that I'm mostly seeing the things that are good about it and not so focused on the stuff that could have been better.

For the time poor amongst you... here's the 2.5 minute version

18 September 2016

Spider - Artlands 2016

Inflatable Spider from Artlands 2016 - Regional Arts Australia Conference in Dubbo.

Emerging from the dark to do battle with the Dubbo Orchestra

Fabulous Beasts Compilation

Here is video of the various fabulous beast sightings across the Art Is... Festival Week.

 Fabulous Beasts Compilation from dave jones on Vimeo.

Captured and edited by Anna Ferguson

And a few stills for good measure ...