22 March 2018

Lake Bolac Eel Festival - Pt 2

It's Lake Bolac Eelfest eve and the car is brimming with freshly made Eels ready to take down in the morning to install by the lake.

Looing forwar dalso t seeing how the Emu and Brolga are looking now that weavers have had their turnwith them.

03 March 2018

Lake Bolac Eel Festival 2018 - part 1

Have been spending some time down at Lake Bolac working with some of the students there tocreate some metal bird scultptures for the festival this year.  

This is phase one. The next stp is for the weavers to harvest some ative grasses off the lake and weave them onto the birds to create the feathers and wings. Looking forwards to getting back there in a week or so to see how they've evolved.

Thanks to Regional Arts Victoria for supporting this project. Thus far its been a joy.

14 November 2017

FaceOff - Kaleidoscope - WA

FaceOff up and runing at Kaleidoscope Festival - Joondalup (WA). Lots of other great things on offer here too. From projection to light installation to inflatable. Seems like the team here have pulled together a pretty diverse and exciting bunch of stuff. Lots of local content too. My bottom line to judging the worth of an arts festival these days is by much effort they put into promoting the local talent and Kaleidoscope delivered on this front with some excelent prjections by local creators.

Dusk - Part 2

A few more photos of Dusk....hard to take shots and run the projections all at once but here you have it.

 The light painting by aerial dancers was probably my favourite thing from any of the shows. Lights on the performers (Abbey and Julia)  tracked and projected back up onto the silos. As they performed their routine the silos slowly filled in. Always a unique thing every time. With further exploration, it feels  like there is almost a whole show to be drawn from this. I have a few videos Ill sort through and post when I get a chance.

31 October 2017

Dusk: Part1

Here are a few blurry shots from rehersals the other night...

still a few days to go to hopefully smooth out a few of the rough edges.

This is a light painting test onthe side of the silos....hard to tel here but thats 2 aerial performers making those wiggly lines.

VR - Slacklining

 An experiment from a few weeks ago when the slackline hit mount arapiles.

We build a rig to try and get our cameras out to capture a 1st person perspective on the slacklining experience.

These a just preliinary tests really working out how to mount the camera and get it smoothly across the line.

Have managed to get this footage into the VR goggles but will still need a lot of tweaking before its done.

Swelter Pt 4 - Install