18 October 2011

The Making of a Giant Puppet - Part 4 (the dream shed)

Luckily for us, Graincorp generously gave us permission to use one of their sheds. Just a few hundred meters from the silos where we're doing the show. A genuinely substantial shed. A shed fit for a puppet. Big enough for the puppet to sit up in and with easily accessible rigging points. In hindsight I can't image how we could have even thought about doing this show without a shed like this. Like several other things that have just fallen into place. It really was just freakish good luck.

Meanwhile the riggers Damian, Gareth, Wendy and Paul were prepping the silo

 (rigging photos by Gareth Llewellin)

We started hauling up bits and pieces of puppet checking what each bit did with the wind and, slowly, gaining confidence

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